ABA: A Dual Perspective on City-Mandated Paid Sick Leave Policies

From the American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law - a point counterpoint on paid sick time laws:

A Dual Perspective on City-Mandated Paid Sick Leave Policies

Since 2006, several cities have enacted ordinances requiring employers to provide a specified number of paid sick days per year to employees who have some level of work activity in those cities. To date, San Francisco; Seattle; Portland, OR; Long Beach, CA;1 New York City, Jersey City and Newark,2 NJ; Philadelphia;3 and Washington, D.C., plus the state of Connecticut have passed mandatory paid sick leave laws. Although these laws vary--some apply only to larger employers, or require the provision of unpaid, rather than paid sick days for smaller employers--they generally provide anywhere from five to fourteen paid sick days per year for employees to care for themselves or a dependent family member.

At the same time, ten states (Georgia, Wisconsin, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Kansas, Indiana, Florida, and Arizona) have adopted laws that prohibit local governments from passing paid sick leave laws. Fourteen other states are considering similar bans.  (continue reading)